In-Depth MBTI

Since INFJs and ENFJs share the same functions, it’s reasonable to conclude that INFJs who near the extroverted side of the scale may mistype as ENFJs. If you strongly identify as an introvert, it’s unlikely that you will mistype as an extroverted personality type. However, those who identify with both […]

Type Analysis: INFJ or ENFJ?

Although INFJs more frequently mistype as INFPs or INTJs, it’s not entirely uncommon for an INFJ to mistype as an ISFJ. This mistyping makes sense. ISFJs have Extroverted Feeling as their auxiliary function and Introverted Thinking as their tertiary function, the same as INFJs. ISFJs make up anywhere from 9-14 […]

Type Analysis: INFJ or ISFJ?

Within the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types, 8 types are Judgers and 8 types are Perceivers. Judgers like order, plans and organization, while Perceivers prefer to remain flexible, adaptable and spontaneous. If not understood, the J/P difference can cause several issues at work or school and with friends and family. Telling […]

How Js and Ps Can Live in Harmony

Introverted iNtuition (Ni) is one of the most difficult functions to understand, and it also happens to be the dominant function of the INFJ (which explains why we are so hard to figure out, huh?).  Ni takes in information in an abstract way, and often sees patterns and symbolism. One […]

How to Understand Introverted Intuition

The function that distinguishes INFJs most from our Ni-dom partner, the INTJ, is our extroverted feeling function, or Fe.  Fe is our auxiliary, or secondary, function. It’s because of Fe that we’re able to walk into a room and pick up on the emotional energy without even talking to anyone. […]

How to Understand Extroverted Feeling

Ti is the fascinating and frustrating tertiary function of the INFJ. Fascinating because, when developed, it can lead to amazing realizations about things. Frustrating because, since it’s an introverted function, these realizations can be hard to explain to other people.  The main difference between Te and Ti is the external/internal […]

How to Understand Introverted Thinking

Extroverted sensing is considered the inferior function of the INFJ. Se has a strong awareness of the physical world around us. Since it’s fourth in our natural function stack, it’s not as strong as it is in an artistic ISFP or a live-in-the-moment ESFP. However, INFJs often enjoy the company […]

How to Understand Extroverted Sensing