In-Depth MBTI

How To Understand Introverted Thinking 4
Ti is the fascinating and frustrating tertiary function of the INFJ. Fascinating because, when developed, it can lead to amazing realizations about things. Frustrating because, since it’s an introverted function, these realizations can be hard to explain to other people.  The main difference between Te and Ti is the external/internal […]

How to Understand Introverted Thinking

How To Understand Extroverted Sensing 2
Extroverted sensing is considered the inferior function of the INFJ. Se has a strong awareness of the physical world around us. Since it’s fourth in our natural function stack, it’s not as strong as it is in an artistic ISFP or a live-in-the-moment ESFP. However, INFJs often enjoy the company […]

How to Understand Extroverted Sensing