INFJ Professional Life

Strengths and Challenges of the INFJ Entrepreneur

As an introvert and INFJ personality type, I’ve struggled between my ambitions and the reality of putting my intuitive visions into practice. I often know what I want the end goal to be, but how do I even start the journey to getting there? This...
INFJ Professional Life, Introvert

Let’s Talk About Introversion in the Workplace

Although more people are learning what being an introvert means, there are still several misconceptions about introversion in the workplace.
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Leveling Up On the INFJ Personal Growth Journey

INFJs see our own potential as much as we see potential in others. We know what can be, but the...
INFJ Professional Life, Introvert

Introverts: 5 Tips to Rediscover Your Ambition

Although social stereotypes lead us to believe otherwise, ambition isn’t always loud.
INFJ Professional Life

How INFJs Can Turn Passion Into Success

“Inspiration is absolutely unnecessary and somehow deceptive. You feel like you need this great idea before you can get down...
INFJ Professional Life

5 Best Career Paths for INFJs

When it comes to careers, INFJs seek two things: creative freedom and meaning. INFJs tend to be independent thinkers and...
INFJ Professional Life, Introvert

Why Introverts Make Great Leaders

My good friends over at Introvert, Dear asked me to write a guest post about introverts as leaders. Check it...
INFJ Professional Life

Dealing With INFJ Doubt

I started INFJ Blog as a way to offer resources, advice, and relatable content for people who identify as an...