INFJs tend to work well with SJ partners, but the relationships definitely come with challenges if both partners aren’t able to compromise and make an effort to understand each other.

Relationships: INFJs and SJs

“I feel really comfortable around you.” “I feel like we have a really meaningful connection.” “You just seem to understand me so well.” The above three sentences can be filed away under ‘Things INFJs Hear All the Time.’ INFJs are known as the Counselor personality type. And like a counselor, […]

5 Ways INFJs Can Spot and Avoid Emotional Vampires

Since INFJs and ENFJs share the same functions, it’s reasonable to conclude that INFJs who near the extroverted side of the scale may mistype as ENFJs. If you strongly identify as an introvert, it’s unlikely that you will mistype as an extroverted personality type. However, those who identify with both […]

Type Analysis: INFJ or ENFJ?

‘Tis the season to be extroverted! From fall family reunions to holiday work parties, as we start to notice our schedules packed with way more social obligations than usual it can only mean one thing — the holiday season is upon us. This can be an overwhelming time for INFJs […]

The INFJs Guide to Surviving the Holidays

INFJ may be the rarest personality type, making up only 1-2 percent of the population, but several INFJs have made a huge impact on the world through their gentle leadership and passion for making the world a better place. Here are 13 of the best inspirational quotes by famous INFJs.* “Some […]

13 Inspirational Quotes by Famous INFJs

When it comes to careers, INFJs seek two things: creative freedom and meaning. INFJs tend to be independent thinkers and doers, and we prefer to pave our own path rather than follow a set of strict workplace rules. We also seek meaning in our work, feeling most fulfilled when we […]

5 Best Career Paths for INFJs

You’re an idealist. A dreamer. A visionary. A romantic. The world has seen several like you — Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, and Gandhi, to name a few. Some of the those who have made the greatest impact on history have been idealists. So it’s safe to say that you’re in […]

Ode to the Idealists

Although INFJs more frequently mistype as INFPs or INTJs, it’s not entirely uncommon for an INFJ to mistype as an ISFJ. This mistyping makes sense. ISFJs have Extroverted Feeling as their auxiliary function and Introverted Thinking as their tertiary function, the same as INFJs. ISFJs make up anywhere from 9-14 […]

Type Analysis: INFJ or ISFJ?