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Write For INFJ Blog

Want to write for INFJ Blog? We want to make INFJ Blog the most useful resource for INFJs on the internet. One way to make this happen is by publishing high-quality content from INFJ contributors.

We’re currently looking for content related to:

  • Your experience as an INFJ personality type.
  • How you overcame obstacles related to being INFJ personality type/introvert/highly sensitive person.
  • MBTI-related articles, specifically referencing the Jungian cognitive functions. You can read examples here and here.

Here’s what we need:

  1. An article around 600-1,200 words. You don’t have to include a photo, we can add that in. DO include any external source links (you’re welcome to use your own blog/website as a resource). Please send it as an editable Google Doc if possible.
  2. A short author bio with links to your website and social media accounts if applicable (around 100 words). You will need to create a Gravatar account and provide us with the email account linked to it to add a photo to your bio.
  3. Email your submission or share your Google Doc with megan@infjblog.com.

Since this site is independently owned and managed and doesn’t currently generate a lot of revenue, we cannot pay for contributed articles at this time. We are happy to offer free exposure to your website or social media following in exchange for content that will truly benefit our INFJ audience.


  1. Hi!
    I’m currently thinking of writing articles about my experience as an INFJ teenager, and I think your blog is just perfect for this! Unfortunately, my blog is just starting and I don’t have much posts to link IN ENGLISH, since most of my writings are Arabic. Can I still contribute in writing for your wonderful blog?

  2. Hi there!

    My blog is http://www.thedetermineddreamer.org and I’ve been writing about being an INFJ, as well as other various topics. I’ve gotten quite a bit of traffic on my posts that are about being an INFJ and was wondering if I could submit some of them. I would love it if you linked the articles you post to my blog so that people can also be directed to my site. Just let me know if this is an option. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi, Coral! You are definitely welcome to submit a guest blog post. Here are the submission guidelines: https://infjblog.com/contact/write-infj-blog/

  3. Hi! My friend ist an ISTP and I am an INFJ. Usually articles say that our MBTI types do not get along. However, we do. So we were wondering if you know why? Thank you!

    1. INFJs actually get along pretty well with ISTPs and ESTPs. This is because we share the same top four cognitive functions but in a different order. So we tend to admire each other for their strengths which we consider our weaknesses or qualities that need improvement. We also tend to enjoy many of the same things. There is a lot of potential for growth within INFJ and STP relationships.

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