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5 Best Career Paths for INFJs

When it comes to careers, INFJs seek two things: creative freedom and meaning. INFJs tend to be independent thinkers and doers, and we prefer to pave our own path rather than follow a set of strict workplace rules. We also seek meaning in our work, feeling most fulfilled when we know that we are in some way helping others or making a difference.

Many INFJs are able to work any job as long as they are fueling the desire for creative independence and meaning in other ways — through volunteer work or hobbies for instance.

However, if having these things be a part of your everyday working life is important to you, then here are a few career options to consider:

INFJs excel in this type of role because it give us the opportunity to work independently and the freedom to make decisions on our own. Our innate ability to understand others and differing perspectives make us great communicators, especially in written form. INFJs can also find meaning in this type of work as long as we are writing about something we are passionate about and/or is helpful to others. INFJs often find success as bloggers, journalists, and authors. Fun fact: Author JK Rowling is a self-identified INFJ.

Small Business Owner
Working in a corporate environment or under the supervision of others can be highly stressful for INFJs, especially if the job isn’t fulfilling. Since SJs make up half of the population, INFJs often find themselves working alongside or under these types, who have completely different working and managing styles. While owning a business comes with it’s own set of stresses, this situation is much preferable for INFJs. Whether it’s a coffee shop, private practice, freelance design business, or other small business, INFJs tend to be much happier in environments where we make the rules and call the shots.

Counselor or Social Worker
David Keirsey refers to INFJs as ‘The Counselor’ so obviously this is a very fitting profession. INFJs are extremely empathetic and great listeners. Our unique ability to walk in someone else’s shoes without becoming too emotionally invested in their situation make the counseling career option a great choice. Social work is also an attractive career path, since it fulfills our desire to help others and make a positive impact.

Musician, Artist, or Photographer
INFJs are naturally a creative type, so any sort of artistic profession is attractive and rewarding. INFJs can be very successful in an artistic career because we are so in tune with emotions and add a lot of depth to our artistic pursuits. Our Introverted Intuition and Extroverted Feeling functions paired together make us great at reading people and understanding what the audience wants to hear or see. If you’re an INFJ who wants to pursue an artistic career path, but struggle with putting yourself out there, check out my article on dealing with doubt as an INFJ.

Alternative Health Care Practitioner
Many INFJs are highly intuitive and also empaths. This makes INFJs a great fit in the field of alternative health. This career field offers a plethora of opportunities — chiropractor, yoga instructor, massage therapist, and acupuncturist are just a few of the options. INFJs are happiest when we are in peaceful, relaxing environments, and being able to help others find peace and happiness make these type of jobs especially rewarding.

Megan is an introvert and INFJ personality type who enjoys reading, researching, and writing about personality psychology and human behavior. As the founder of this blog, Megan wants to help other INFJs better understand their personality to improve their personal and professional lives.


  1. I’m an INFJ and a music therapist! You can add that under alternative healthcare 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! I really needed it today, especially the link to your self-doubt article.

  3. I’m an infj, have a degree in computer engineering and my job title is Senior Software Engineer. There is pretty much no one like me in my field. I get enjoyment out of being creative and finding solutions for people. I get almost emotionally spent doing the trivial repair work because it’s so unfulfilling. I’d say one of the bigger differences is I view my job as finding human solutions for people that involves a computer whereas the other people seem to just think like a computer and forget the people aspect.

    1. I like this response, I am going for a degree in Management Information Systems, and it really is a degree that involves computer work and applying it to the “people aspect” that you speak of. It does both me that all INFJ career suggestions are quite the opposite of the computer fields… because that is what I (a fellow INFJ) am most interested in. So it’s good to see that there are more of us.

  4. Insightful. I’m a writer (yet to be published, but still), and the reasoning behind the writer course makes perfect sense.

  5. INFJ here with a music degree and my job? I write 🙂

    1. Going to launch my writing on a blog soon. You are a great encouragement.

  6. Thanks for you post! I’ve been researching, forming and googling personality types for a few years. I concluded that I was an XNTX and then recently decided that I was an ENTJ…but Infj might match better…I can’t connect well with others, I love to write, dance (by myself). However, I’m not very empathic/compassionate…and would not want to be a health worker. I’m bad with children and work better with things…

    1. Hey Margaret, I’m glad you liked the post! It seems from your description that you are more of an NT (especially the comment about working better with things than with people). If you identify more as an introvert, maybe INTJ would be a better match?

      1. Hi Margaret, don’t be too quickly discouraged in your search for your personality type. Initially I also thought I was more of a T type, and specifically thought I was an ENTJ too. Now I’m quite confident that I’m an INFJ. There can be lots of reasons why you don’t resemble the ‘stereotypes’ for a F type. Keep searching!

  7. I love your blog! I think it’s my very favorite of all the INFJ blogs I read (which are many). Yes, I grew up loooovvvvvinng the arts and have had extensive training in music (18 years of classical voice lessons — you never stop learning), fine art drawing and painting, and photography. I finally opened a photography business but would like to expand into painting and drawing as well. The problem? Finding the time. I grew up with the constant reminder that I needed a “practical” career because there was no money in arts — so much that it’s ingrained in me. I have a Master’s degree in Library Science and a full-time job as a librarian but think that the source of my frustration is that I don’t have enough time for my art (I do have a family with a wonderful INFP husband, three little, sweet blessed children, and full-time job). I’ve also read that it’s “unhealthy” for INFJ’s to become professional artists because they are such perfectionists (which I don’t believe — being an artist, to me, is a way of seeing the world — how can it be unhealthy to be authentic?). But enough with the excuses. Maybe it’s time to make time for myself? The answer was there all the time — thank you for graciously pointing it out to me! <3

  8. I found out how to combine all of these! And I truly hope my plans are going to happen one day! 🙂

  9. 30 years old INFJ with Engineering degree. Now became a freelance photographer for 5 years mostly for lifestyle magazines. While I enjoy capturing portraits and still life objects, I’m pretty fed up by the consumerism and high lifestyle society I’m surrounded with. I feel sick and I’ve never been so clueless in my life. Glad to found this blog now that I don’t feel alone. 🙂

  10. Good post. I work as a researcher in the area of env science – trying to save the world and get to do lots of reading and writing! It is great until I have to analyse data!

  11. I am a teacher. After 5 years I realized that I cannot manage the behavior of other people based on rules set by others. Just a heads up. I have been depressed for a couple months thinking I wasted my time and degree, but I this assessment process has helped a while lot. I realized it’s not just me, that there are others like me and that there are other careers that I would oprob be better at. I am thinking that counselor/social work might be my path. I have an uncanny ability to read people and decipher all the context clues the give off. I feel this would be an excellent path for me.

  12. I’m an INFJ and currently work as the compliance officer at a Mortgage company. I find that I’m able to excel and find enjoyment in this job, while most of the time when I tell people what I do they can’t imagine how I could endure it. I’m able to use my creativity to come up with new ways to solve problems, and I’m able to work by myself or socialize if I feel up to it – though most of the job involves stacking and organizing files. I’ve had a lot of trouble deciding on a career path, and have spent many years floating around to various jobs. Mostly because I don’t know how to make a reliable income doing the things I have a true interest in. If money were no object, I would like to own a restaurant (because I have an interest in cooking), and I have a strong inclination toward all things mechanical – so I’d like to design and make vehicles, and other things. In my spare time I’m working with a mechanical engineer and a patent attorney to patent an engine I’ve designed. I think the key for me is finding ways to express my creativity without it being tied to a requirement to provide an income.

  13. Really fascinating how you touched on almost all the career paths I’ve envisioned for myself over the years. Unfortunately I haven’t entered into any of them since I’m not very decisive, and can’t figure out which to choose. What’s your advice for someone like me who finds all routes equally as fascinating, yet just as arduous a process of learning?

    Also, can you think of any other Alternative Health Care Practitioner roles? Life coach, nutritionist, etc.


    1. Hi Dan! I’m an infj and I’m currently majoring in physical therapy assistant/DPT (working towards both). I like this field because it would be to help people and see them progress, which is very important for me to have in a career. I could never work in medicine, nursing, ect. Because it’s too realistic for my tender empathetic heart. I wouldn’t survive with the stress. PT is more layed back. As for some other alternative healthcare careers, occupational therapy (OT/OTA) seems to be a popular choice among infjs. Any career that allows us to help others, make a difference, and see progress would be satisfying for us infjs. I hope this helps a little, I too understand the struggle of choosing a career as an infj. We’re a super complex group and we are also so passionate about so many things. I love learning and would get 6 college degrees if I could! I think it’s especially hard since infjs are creative individuals and also enjoy helping people, and there aren’t many careers that allow us to do both. However, i recently discovered that there is music therapy and even art therapy. Sounds pretty amazing! Hope this helps you in your journey, good luck!

  14. Reblogged this on misfit voices and commented:
    Useful article! Figuring out where one fits in the work world can also be a struggle in general for other intuitive introverts.

  15. I just found this and felt SUCH a relief! I have struggled with “finding” a career b/c as Rachel said – I could do so many things! I am finding myself approaching a road dividing itself and will have to choose a path to take and am finding myself back in high school…not sure what to do. But I think, now knowing FOR SURE as an INFJ I can chose more wisely – and hopefully be happier! Now to choose between those options! Aaah! Why the constant choosing! 🙂 Thank you …. for writing and for those responding so that we know we are not alone. It truly helps.

  16. I majored in engineering before discovering I was infj. I work in engineering and like that my job is cpntinous improvement, so I don’t need to be very sciency just use a set of tools (eg the 5why, etc, which I’m good at) and be creative.. I hate routine work, and data entry side of things, and supervising, though my Fe helps me enjoy that and deal with people. However, I NEED to express myself, as infj and my Fe preceding my rather developed Ti. SO at home I needed to follow my self expression, which I do, in writing short stories, especially Sci Fiish, although I just discovered I COULDA write stories as it was a request from my INTJ fiance…i also just bought a book about modern calligraphy, seemed awesome and wish to learn to do it, got inspired from my own wedding prep. I make greeting cards, and I’ve imagined I could have a greeting cards business, calligraphy business, a food truck, or math tutoring…i can’t ever choose BC I enjoy each almost equally….i value paying the bills, and would not enjoy economic struggles I’ve worked hard for. I say I could try those things on the side more for enjoyment than money. Sometimes I have no time, but I gotta make time. My self expression mainly though is through my Catholicism, through a daily prayer life (or every other day). The key is I do it naturally, I don’t do it BC I should, or I schedule it. That’s why its really unscheduled. If I wrote or did cards id totally incorporate Christian and Marian things. I can’t think of bloggin though, it makes me feel vulnerable and I feel my experiences are mine and others wont feel them the way I do, so it might not get to them. It makes me feel vulnerable and I don’t like sharing the deepest parts of myself with “the world” and just anyone..I shy away from other peoples emotions even tho I get them before they do themselves, just taxes me emotionally, I become invested and feel what they feel, I don’t know how I would ever be a counselor but I’ve never been interested in it. I don’t know why, I though it was very infj to feel comfortable with that. I really hate it, and its like i have only space for the people I love like my family and select friends. I am very sensitive person. Any explanations? Just trying to get myself. Lol.

  17. I’m a Secretary who loves it when it is stressful as the job comes with many non-routine cycle that enables you to call the shots. But it can be total blank when the work has no direction. Currently I am in the latter after some job transfers and finding myself stuck in ways unimaginable.

    Thank you for this article that I now understand that:

    “When it comes to careers, INFJs seek two things: creative freedom and meaning”

    Aside of this, I am a random blogger for the last 12 years (in various personal blogs and places) and am aware (and struggle at the same time) that my writing speaks better than my mouth and facial expression. I’m living the Ally McBeal with Ricky Gervais talking in my head.

    “Whether it’s a coffee shop, private practice, freelance design business, or other small business, INFJs tend to be much happier in environments where we make the rules and call the shots.”

    I have been dreaming of owning a quiet low key coffeeshop, so I suppose I should be planning that down the road. Finding out about this is absolutely great because I had always felt happier in simple environments.

    As for the actually having/owning/running the coffee shop, I have not read about feeling doubtful about INFJ yet. But I definitely do it will soon after this.

  18. I’m an Infj. My dream job is to be a psychiatrist but at the same time I also want to be in an artistic career!

    1. sugathesuperman

      JHopie? Maybe I’m wrong but are you an ARMY? XXD

  19. This is great, thanks. I am a many a times confirmed INFJ…..I thought I was the only one out there who wanted to be about 5 different things…. I am a health and wellbeing coordinator working with Holocaust survivors arnftlsoingnd refugees developing a stimulating and rewarding social programme for them and supporting then psychologically , studying to be a career counsellor, dreaming about being a writer full time but currently more of a hobby, writing my own blog (havr had many of those!) a researcher doing my own research atm at postgraduate level, love my alone time reading and learning equally love working one to one with people helping them reach their potential. Also dreaming of having my own bed and breakfast somewhere in France one day, growing my own stuff and wine and cooking vegetarian meals for my guests somewhere in the mountains, and retreating to write at night. I also sing and play instruments…… I don’t feel understood by anyone or like I fit in well anywhere socially except in a quiet music hall or looking at paintings quietly with others.

    Tänk for a great blog!!! I feel better now 🙂

  20. I’m a freelance artist who then became a writer, who did a certificate in counselling skills, and now use these skills in in my voluntary work with one to one befriending in mental health. Absolutely useless at making money, but have come to terms with that glitch!

  21. sugathesuperman

    Hi Megan, thank you for your amazing and useful article. All of them are my favorites~
    But I’m really into “education”. When I’m explaining some theories and abstract things, they quite catch up me. And I’m so happy when others can understand what I’m saying.
    So INFJs can be great teachers, right?

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